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Tour of the Human Body Systems

The Tour Starts Here!

The Immune System
The Nervous System
The Excretory System
The Respiratory System
The Circulatory Syatem
The Digestive System
The Skeletal System
The Muscular System
Glossary of Terms
The Skeletal System

Welcome to Humansvilles finest hotel, the Endoskeleton. Here you can enjoy a tour of the 206 bone garden but beware of the dastardly hotel wrecking crew.  If you are more the athletic type why not try our 4 joint exercise area.  It includes ball and socket ball, Ice hingey, pivot vaulting, and hang gliding.  Have fun.   


 Functions of the Skeletal System
SUPPORT: provide structural framework for soft tissues and attachment points for tendons
PROTECTION : protect internal organs
ASSISTANCE IN MOVEMENT: provide attachment for skeletal muscles which contract to produce movement
MINERAL HOMEOSTASIS: bone acts as a reservoir for various minerals and is vital in maintaining critical mineral balances
BLOOD CELL PRODUCTION: red bone marrow produces erythrocytes, leukocytes and platlets by a process called haemopoiesis.
TRIGLYCERIDE STORAGE: in adults yellow bone marrow consists of adipocytes