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Tour of the Human Body Systems

The Tour Starts Here!

The Immune System
The Nervous System
The Excretory System
The Respiratory System
The Circulatory Syatem
The Digestive System
The Skeletal System
The Muscular System
Glossary of Terms
The Skeltal System Vocabulary

Appendicular Skeleton: Includes the bones of the limbs and those of the pectoral and pelvic girdles, which attach the limbs to the trunk.

Arthritis: Inflammation of a joint.

Axial Skeleton: Forms the longitudinal axis of the body.

Bursa: A small sac filled with Synovial fluid that cushions adjacent structures and reduces friction.

Cartilage: A connective tissue with a gelatinous matrix containing an abundance of fibers.

Endoskeleton: Internal skeleton or supporting framework in an animal.

Fontanels: A relatively soft, flexible, fibrous region between two flat bones in a developing skull.

Haversian Canals: Central canal that contains one or more blood vessels.

Joints: An area where adjacent bones interact.

Ligaments: Dense band of connective tissue fibers that attach one bone to another.

Marrow: A tissue that fills the internal cavities in a bone.

Ossification: Formation of bones.

Osteology: Science concerned with the structure and function of bones.

Periosteum: Layer that surrounds a bone, consisting of an outer fibrous and inner cellular region.

Synovial Fluid: Substance secreted by Synovial membranes that lubricate joints.

Tendons: A collagenous band that connects a skeletal muscle to an element of the skeleton.